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Where To Buy Ephedra

I will tell you exactly where to buy ephedra and why you need to avoid every other ephedra diet pill on the market with ephedra extract.

Where To Buy Ephedra?

People that are asking where to buy ephedra should really be asking themselves, How can I avoid the ephedra extract scam that is all over the internet?

Somebody asked me a question recently about why their Megadrine fat burner sucked and didn’t make them feel like they used to feel when they had taken ephedra fat burners in the past.

where to buy ephedra Megadrine RFA 1

Megadrine RFA 1

Here is my reply:

I can tell you exactly why the Megadrine you purchased was a failure and I could have saved you the $30 or $40 you threw away if you had found me earlier.

It is because Megadrine contains what a lot of companies are pushing on the public.

An ingredient called Ephedra Extract.

Look carefully at the ingredient list for Megadrine shown below.

megadrine ingredients

Megadrine Ingredients (By Law, if it contained ephedrine they would have to list it)

I see caffeine and synephrine listed but no ephedrine. By law if it contained ephedrine they would have to have it listed.

Now I am not saying Megadrine is a bad fat burner. But if you are looking for where to buy ephedra and want the good stuff that contains ephedrine. If you see Ephedra Extract listed on any fat burner run away fast and save your money.

This problem with ephedra extract is a 2 part problem that can be a little difficult to understand.

First: The old fat burners that used real fat burning ephedra worked because there was a chemical in it called ephedrine. Not all ephedra contains this chemical.

There are dozens of species of ephedra around the world and only some of them contain ephedrine. Ma Huang is a species of the ephedra plant that contains ephedrine in the highest quantity and this was the ephedra that was always used.

Ephedrine is the essential chemical that is needed to help in the fat burning process.

The Ephedra Extract being used now by countless unscrupulous marketers DOES NOT contain ephedrine.

Second: The reason why ephedra extract does not contain ephedrine or the reason why companies cannot put Ma Huang/ephedrine in fat burners.

Because it is illegal in the US to sell fat burners or any other product adulterated with ephedrine. The FDA made it illegal some years ago and it is still illegal.

These companies are simply taking advantage of the fact that the average consumer does not understand this issue. These companies are not exactly lying because they say their product contains ephedra. But they have no reason to educate their customer when they can sell them a $30-$60 bottle fat burner that will not be nearly as effective.

Ephedra Extract does not contain the important fat burning chemical ephedrine because it would be an illegal product if it did.

Where to buy Ephedra?

I very recently found a company that will ship you real fat burners that contain ephedrine.

They ship the product from a warehouse in Canada. The box it comes in is unmarked.

I have ordered from them before with no problem as have other people I have told about this place so now you know, where to buy ephedra diet pills that contain ephedrine alkaloids.

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